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RGB Color Changing 300 LED Strip Light - 32 Foot (kit)

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  RGB Color Changing LED Strip Light  - 32 Foot

Commercial & Residential Quality LED Strip


Everything you need for a successful LED lighting installation



This kit makes it very easy to install strip lights in nearly any application imaginable Location.

With this kit, 32 feet of color changing LED lights are ready for installation as soon as you open the box.

Color Changing 300 LED strips are linear color changing LED chips mounted on a flexible strip of printed circuit board (PCB) with a strong adhesive backing.

Furthermore, you can change the lights to nearly any color combination you can think of with the MiniXR Remote controller that comes included.

This kit is very popular among homeowners, lighting designers and professional builders and architects.

The lights are appropriate for accent lighting projects such as behind the bar or accent lighting under a counter. 

These strips have 300 LED per reel, which means they deliver double the brightness of the 150 RGB LEDs.

Color changing 300 LED strip lights are perfect for applications that require not only adjustable color settings, but also high brightness lighting. 


What is included?

Application and Use:

This ColorBright™ RGB kit is installed in a wide variety of applications including:

- Accent lighting
Bathroom mirrors
Cove accents
- Under cabinet accent lighting
- Dance room lighting
- Mood lighting inside hotels and bars
- Restaurants
Indoor signs 
- Bathroom mirrors and behind toilet lights
Mall displays and storefronts 



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