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RGB LED Light Strip - 32 Foot (kit)

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 RGB Color Changing 150 LED Strip Lighting Kit. 32 Ft.

Taste Of Luxury without Luxury Price

        Commercial Quality LED everything you need for successful installation.

 This RGB Color LED Strip Lights are controlled with Touch Series Controller.

This includes 2 reels (32ft) of the LED strip light that needs 70 watts of electricity, thus included is an 8 AMP power supply to power the entire reel.

 Also Included are three LED solderless connectors to make installation a breeze.

The RGB strip light can be safely cut at every third LED depending on your needs.

With our solderless connectors, you can easily attach the RGB LEDs to just about anywhere.

This LED kit allows you to easily set up RGB color changing LEDs in no time.

You can easily  use this LED kits to create your LED lighting project.

With multiple color combinations in your hands, the possibilities are endless!


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Find Out Now                        Best LED Strip Light For Your Project


What is included?

2 x ........REELS of ColorBright™ RGB 150 LED strip lights
5 x ........Strip-to-Power Snap Connectors for RGB (10mm) [Pack Of 5]
4 x ........Strip-to-Strip Snap Connectors for RGB (10mm) [Pack Of 5]
4 x ........Strip-to-Strip "No Wire" Snap Connectors for RGB (10mm) [pack of 5]
1 x ........Touch Series Remote Control & Receiver for RGB
1 x .........12V DC Plug-In Adapter, 96W, 8A
1 x .........DC Female Coaxial Connector with Wire

Suggested Uses for RGB LED lights:

Accent lighting
Bathroom mirrors
Mood lighting
Inside cupboards
Kitchen lighting
Behind pictures
Loft lighting
Game room lighting
Under furniture such as raised couches
Under cabinet lighting
Behind TV or monitor lighting to reduce eye strain


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