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RGB 300 IP65 Outdoor Color Changing LED Strip Light - 16 FT (Kit)

  • $376.25

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Outdoor Led Light Strip (IP65)  300

Plus RGB Remote, Receiver Combo And Mean Well HLG LED Driver

Commercial & Residential Quality  LED Strip Lighting Kits



The strips are as versatile, they are customizable and can be installed in basically any space you can imagine.

Using a remote controller, you can change the settings, brightness, and colors of the light strips to almost any color you can imagine! 

The 300 LEDs per 16-foot reel of color changing LED strips will shine twice as bright as the 150 LED per reel lights. 

The IP65 rating means that the LED strip lights are able to withstand jets and splashes of water from all sides.

It cannot be submerged in water, but it will withstand the elements.

We also recommend outdoor lights for use indoors in high splash areas or if you're looking for a strip that is easier to clean.

**You will also need To Get the following Items:**

*12V OR 24V Power source:*        Not Included.  


outdoor led strip accessorie


Product features

Here are the top LED strip light attributes to take note of:

  1. These lights are fully dimmable, color changing, flashing, color scrolling, fading, 100% controllable LED strip lights
  2. They're UL Listed, which means they have been independently verified as safe for use within home and business
  3. They carry 300 LEDs per reel and are twice as bright as the 150 RGB LED strips


  • UL Listed (cULus)
  • Fully dimmable and color controllable
  • 120° Beam Angle
  • Short LED pitch of 3/4" (17mm)
  • Highest Brightness RGB LED Chips
  • 3M 9731 adhesive for a strong bond to the weatherproof silicone sleeve
  • Single BIN LED selection to ensure color consistency
  • Highest quality components premium packaged 5050 SMD LEDs
  • IP65 Rated with non-yellowing and UV resistant silicone sleeve

Should you select 12 Volt (12v) or 24 Volt (24v)?

Depends on your application.

The main difference between the two is the fact that the 24v strips can be ran for longer distances than the 12v strips can due to Voltage Drop.

Voltage drop is the gradual decrease in voltage along a circuit.

If your project requires a very long run of LEDs, we would recommend the 24v strips.

However, there are also many projects that 12v is required (automotive or marine applications).

Please feel free to live chat with us, email us, or call us with questions.

Before noticing any unwanted color variations or dimming at the end of your run of lights, it is recommended that you run no more than 32' in series when using 12v or 48' in series when using 24v.

Application & Use:

  • Color Controllable Cove lighting
  • Signage
  • Backlighting
  • Edge lighting
  • Under cars and motorcycles
  • Store display lighting
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Architectural displays
  • Patio and barbecue areas
  • Backyard arbors and gazebos
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Outside in signs and under rooftops
  • Fence lighting
  • Above Fish tanks
  • High splash areas


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