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Lighting Control Sensors

Create a beautiful and interactive relationship with your lighting with these lighting sensors.

Allow your natural movements to dim your lights or turn them on or off.

Automated lighting control is easy to install and even easier to control when all it takes is a wave of your hand, slight touch of a metal surface, or even as simple as walking into a room. 


Hand Motion Sensor Switch

The hand sensor can be thought of as a light switch that only requires the wave of your hand to operate your lights.

Once installed, a simple wave of your hand within 6 cm (2 3/8") of the sensor head will tell the sensor to open or close the power circuit turning your lights on or off.

If you wave your hand in front of the sensor while the lights are off, it will toggle them on and will keep them on until you wave your hand in front of the sensor again to toggle them off.

Diameter of drilling hole: 10mm


Hand Specification


I.R Door/Drawer Sensor Switch

By using the LEDs Door Sensor Switch you can easily turn your lights on automatically when you open a cabinet, drawer, closet, safe, or any other similarly darkened space.

The Infrared (IR) sensor switch works on a DC input and is compact.

The sensor will turn the lights on when the 6-cm (2 3/8") beam is no longer interrupted.

When you open your cabinet door or drawer, your lights will turn on and stay on for as long as the door remains open.

The IR sensor switch works on a DC input and is compact.

Diameter of drilling hole: 10mm


Door/Drawer Specification



Metal Touch Sensor


Turn almost any metal object into a light switch! By installing the Metal Touch Sensor Switch turn your lights on and off. 

This sensor can be attached to any metal surface to turn said surface into a touch on/off toggle switch. 

The possibilities are endless, use your creativity to create amazing on/off switches (lamps, hand rails, handles, etc.).

Simply install the touch sensor in line and attach the cable's metal part to another metal object (such as a lamp or handrail) to complete installation.

One touch to turn your lights on and one touch to turn them off.  


Metal Touch Sensor Specification

Voltage: 12V DC - 36V DC input 

Number of Channels: 1 Channel

Amperage Maximum: 8A

Wattage Maximum: 96W at 12V and 192W at 24V

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