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ColorBright™ RGB & RGBW Solderless Connectors - [PACK OF 5]

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ColorBright™ RGB & RGBW Solderless Connectors - [PACK OF 5]



Solderless connectors are designed to make project setup connections easier and faster.

They’ve been created to perfectly fit our  ColorBright™ RGB 150-300 Color Changing 10mm strips or ColorBright™ RGBW Color Changing + White Series 12mm strip.

Don’t know which of our 2 kinds of connectors suit your project best?

Tray connectors are mainly used for outdoor applications as they fit inside the silicone end caps, additionally, they’re used for connections inside the wider extrusions like the  KLUS GIZA with lower profile covers like the HS-22 Clear and the LIGER 22.

The snap connectors are ideal for indoor applications as they are sturdier and more secure than the tray connectors.

They can also be used with extrusions like the  KLUS KOPRO, LIPOD and  GIZA with a higher profile cover like the G-L.

The 3 types of connectors make connecting to power, jumping small gaps, turning corners and coupling strips seamlessly together a breeze.

Now sold in packs of 5 so your project is never short of connectors.

Using solderless connectors has never been so simple,


  • 5 amp maximum is ideal for high output strips
  • Although a delicate item, they provide reliable and strong connections
  • 6” lead wires is perfect for bends and extensions
  • They reduce installation time

RGB and RGBW Connectors Compatible Products:


RGB and RGBW Connector Specifications

  • Tray Dimensions: RGB Width: ⅝” (16mm) Height: 1/16” (2mm) / RGBW Width: 11/16” (17mm) Height: 1/16” (2mm)
  • Snap Dimensions: RGB Width: ⅝” (16mm) Height: 3/16” (6mm) / RGBW Width: 11/16” (17mm) Height: 3/16” (6mm)
  • The wire length is 6'' (15.24cm)
  • Wire Gauge: 22AWG
  • Amperage maximum: 5 amps
  • These connectors are compatible with RGB 150 or RGB 300 Color Changing LED strip lights (10mm strip width) or RGBW Color Changing + White LED strip lights (12mm width)

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