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Emblazon 72" Linear Electric Fireplace

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Emblazon 72" Linear Electric Fireplace

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Product Highlights

  • 72 inch frame-less design for in-wall placement
  • Affordable alternative to linear gas fireplaces in wall-length installations
  • Ideal for placement under large size flat screen TVs
  • Touchstone's unmatched realistic natural flame
  • Perfect for new construction or renovation projects.
  • Uses LED lights for low energy usage. Cool to the touch.



The Emblazon 72 from Touchstone is a 72 inch wide, wall-length, electric linear fireplace, which has Touchstone's unmatched flame in a frame-less design.

Perfect for placement under large size flat screen TVs, the Emblazon 72 incorporates the look of a linear, modern fireplace in an efficient electric model.

The landscape design is a perfect alternative to linear gas fireplaces, and is ideal for new building and renovation projects.

They can be custom built to run the entire length of a wall, in the size of your choice.

When placed in a larger room, the Emblazon Series gives the location a unique look, and has the impact of a large linear gas fireplace without the maintenance.

The streamlined design of the Emblazon 72 gives you the versatility to add these large format electric fireplaces seamlessly in any space.


Create a unique view experience

Just like newer flat screen TVs, these fireplaces have frameless designs for edge to edge flames, so they can fit in a mantle or built-in cabinet without much wasted space.

Placed below a large format inch flat screen, these fireplaces create a clean install and visual appeal which fits the size of a much larger television.


The most realistic flame

The LED flame technology from Touchstone is so realistic that you'll find friends and family nervous about getting too close to the flame.

Customers often have commented about the realism of the Touchstone flames, and how they can mistake them for gas fireplaces.

The realism comes from the unique Touchstone flame and logset, which is unmatched in other electric fireplaces.

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  • Type: Built-In | Fireplace | Linear | Wall-Mounted
  • Style: Modern
  • Firebox Width: 72"
  • Firebox Depth: 7 1/8"
  • Firebox Height: 15.8"
  • Heat Output: Special Order only
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Remote Control Type: Handheld


Product Protection


  • •Replacement of any non-functioning electronic parts
  • •Free Toll Free tech support (888-978-3531)


  • 2-year warranty (2 years full replacement)
  • Replacement of any non-functioning parts
  • Toll-Free Customer Service & Support (English & Spanish speaking) includes cleaning instructions for stain removal, cleaning products, and/or assistance from a professional cleaner or a repair technician.




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