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2 Ways To Approach LED

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2 ways to approach LED

1. LED Integrated Fixtures

Good quality integrated LED fixtures deliver a better quality of light than LED bulbs because they take the LED light source and design and build the fixture around it. This flexibility leads us to a second benefit, integrated LED fixtures typically have more streamlined styles that are thin, curved, artful and sleek, thus making more interesting designs possible.

An integrated LED fixture is one where the light source is built into the fixture. This type of fixture has no sockets and no bulbs. The parts of the light that house the light source, may or may not be replaceable. If the light source is not a replaceable module, the entire fixture will need to be replaced.


2. LED Bulbs

The primary benefit of LED bulbs is flexibility. With an LED bulb you can convert any fixture to an energy efficient light source quickly and easily, and at a lower short-term cost than replacing the entire fixture. There are LED bulbs on the market today that fit a variety of socket types such as candelabra or flood, commonly used in household lighting.


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